Advanced Practice Nursing Opportunities

Whether you’re a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, your talents and leadership are welcome additions to Stanford Children's Health.

NPs and PAs who choose to work here will also benefit from our Center for Advanced Practice, which was launched in 2012 to provide administrative infrastructure and support to all credentialed Advanced Practice Providers (APP), including:

  • APP onboarding & general orientation
  • APP General Council; APP Leadership Council
  • APP Executive forums
  • Bi-monthly updates and progress reports related to APPs
  • APP clinical preceptors
  • Provide opportunities to teach and train APP students through partnerships with over 12 APP programs in California and throughout the U.S.

Read more below about nurse practitioners and physician assistant positions at Stanford Children's Health.

Who Are Nurse Practitioners and What Do They Do?

Nurse practitioners at Stanford Children's Health are registered nurses who have the advanced education and experience necessary to perform many of the duties of a doctor, such as prescribing medications and giving physical examinations. They are able to provide general medical care to patients and can also diagnose illnesses and teach patients about healthy lifestyles and habits.

How Do Nurse Practitioners Typically Spend Their Workday?

Nurse practitioners at Stanford Children's Health typically work in a specialized area such as Adolescent Medicine or Cardiology. Over the course of a workday, they may take patients' health histories, perform physical examinations, and order and analyze diagnostic tests. They also recommend medicines and treatments, and work closely with doctors to see that recommendations are carried out appropriately.

What Are The Education Requirements?

In keeping with our reputation as a world-class pediatric organization, Stanford Children's Health hiring criteria are more rigorous for NPs than the state mandates for licensure/certification. NPs must first have a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing and be nationally board-certified to be considered for positions.

Who Are Physician Assistants And What Do They Do?

Physician assistants at Stanford Children's Health are engaged in many of the same tasks as a doctor, but do not have as much education, training or independence. Although they can treat children for common health conditions and make medical diagnoses, they must report everything they do to a supervising doctor. Physician assistants often take medical histories, make initial diagnoses, give physical examinations, prescribe certain drugs, and counsel patients and families. They can also take X-rays, set simple fractures and treat common minor illnesses. They may specialize in certain areas of care such as oncology or dermatology.

How Do Physician Assistants Typically Spend Their Workday?

On an average day, physician assistants at Stanford Children's Health may treat one patient for the flu, see another person for allergy symptoms, provide a few physical examinations, and prepare summaries of these patients' conditions and symptoms for the doctor's review. They also work closely with the doctor to determine the appropriate medical treatment for each patient.

What Are the Education Requirements?

Stanford Children's Health has a reputation as a world-class pediatric organization, and our hiring criteria are more rigorous for PAs than the state mandates for licensure/certification. However, PAs must first have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be considered for positions within our organization.